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Electric Tube Cleaning MachineElectric Tube Cleaning MachineElectrically powered the ERW-2 tube cleaning machines are ideally suited to be used to clean tubes in air conditioning chiller unit condensers, evaporator and small bore heat exchangers.
Air Powered Tube Cleaning MachinesAir Powered Tube Cleaning MachinesUsing air to supply up to 3 kilowatts equivalent of power the ARW-1 tube cleaning machines can be used for the most difficult tube cleaning job in tubes up to 400mm ID. The ARW-1 has been used to clean condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger and boiler tubes in the pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, shipping, food manufacturing industry and many more.
Air & Electric Powered Tube Cleaning Machines AccessoriesAir & Electric Powered Tube Cleaning Machines AccessoriesCleaning Brushes - With such a large variety of brushes we can supply the right tool to clean just about any tube. Flexible Shafts - Flexible shafts can be supplied to clean tube from 6.4mm to 400mm.
Water Propelled Tube Cleaners and AccessoriesWater Propelled Tube Cleaners and AccessoriesManufactured from Phosphor Bronze, Steel or Plastic water propelled tube cleaners are used to remove slime, algae, soft deposits and hard deposits. Our range of tube cleaners allows us to achieve the very best results for a specific plants condenser conditions. Pump System -1 - For reliable job completion on time every time our Pump System -1 should be used to "shoot" our Tube Cleaners. Water Gun (WG-1) for Tube Cleaners - The Water gun with a clear splash guard guarantees every "shot" gives

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