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Sulzer Turbo Feed Pump


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Sulzer Turbo Feed Pump

1) Manufactured to Admiralty Specification.

2) Still in original packaging.

3) Complete with design, Operational and maintenance data.

General Description

The turbo-feed pump consists of a two-stage centrifugal pump mounted on a common shaft with, and driven by, a single-wheel impulse turbine. The turbine and the pump form self-contained units and the complete assembly is supported on a fabricated bedplate. Both the centrifugal pump casing and the turbine casing are lagged with a magnesium compound and enclosed by fabricated casings of planished steel. A stop valve and a balanced type of throttle valve are fitted to the turbine. The stop valve can be opened or closed manually by handwheel and it can be closed automatically by an eccentric ring over-speed trip governor which is fitted on the rotor shaft. The operation of the throttle valve is controlled by a pressure governor to maintain a constant pump pressure.

Lubrication is by means of a forced-feed system which draws oil from a sump formed in the bedplate. A hand pump is incorporated in the system for priming. The centrifugal pump is not fed with oil, as it is provided with a carbon bearing which is water-lubricated. In addition to forming the oil sump, the bedplate has mounting faces to which are secured the hand-operated oil pump, an Auto-Klean oil filter, a water-cooled oil cooler, tundish, tachometer and a pressure reducer. The pressure reducer is connected to the delivery volute of the centrifugal pump to break down the pump delivery pressure in the leak-off pipe. A screw-down non-return valve is fitted downstream of the pressure reducer.

Design and Operational Data

The following table shows the specific output figures :

Drawing from Feed Tank                (2ft. suction pressure)
Feed flow to boiler lb/hr             95,000                 95,000
Suction pressure lb/sq. in.             24                        0-82
Suction temperature deg F            237                       237
Discharge pressure lb/           644                       644
Speed rev/min                          8,500                    8,650
Trip Speed rev/min                   9,800                    9,800
Steam pressure lb/                450                        450
Steam temperature deg F             675                        675
Exhaust pressure lb/                10                         10

The pump is capable of operating when submerged to a depth of 4ft. 0in. above the pump seating.

5 Nozzles fitted - 4 open and one blocked.

Sulzer Turbo Feed Pump
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