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Electric Tube Cleaning Machine Electric Powered Tube Cleaning Machine
ERW-2-550 and ERW-2-370 Tube Cleaning Machines.

Description And Operation

The ERW-1 incorporates a electrical motor which drives a flexible shaft through a torque limiter.

The inner flexible steel core of the flexible shaft unit rotates at high speed inside the outer watertight nylon casing.

The on/off motion of the foot switch supplies water to the cleaning tool or brush which is attached to the flexible shaft inner core end coupling and simultaneously flushes the deposits removed by the cleaning tool.

The machine is designed so that it can be operated by one person and is fitted with 2 meters of power cable with an integral "Electresafe Switch"

The machine can be mounted on a stair climbing trolley which is sufficiently high to allow for easy maneuverability. Toggle screws allow for the machine to be easily demounted from the trolley.

This unit is used extensively for cleaning Air conditioning chiller unit condensers, Evaporator's, small bore heat exchanger tubes.

Safety & Special features.

  • Australian approved “Electresafe” Residual Current interrupter switch is integral with 2 metres of clearly visible yellow heavy duty power cable hard wired into machine.

  • Intrinsically safe air pressure foot switch, requires no electricity or air supply.

  • Torque Limiter, prevents a shaft in good condition from accidental failure should a cleaning tool become jammed in a tube. No lost time repairing shafts or replacing shear pins.

  • Robust, Zincaneal steel construction finished with oven baked powder coat enamel.

  • The machine has a large tool box compartment.

  • The machine is designed for easy maintenance. Any one of the sub assemblies can be replaced in approximately ten minutes.

  • All Flexible Shaft units and tools are interchangeable. The flexible shaft connection nut in unbreakable aluminium.

  • The water connection is by quick coupler and any 12.7mm (½“) bore water hose can be utilised.

  • The trolley  (optional) is manufactured from Stainless Steel and has a bracket for flexible Shaft storage. It is fitted with roller bearing stair climbing wheels for optimum manoeuvrability.


  • It is quicker, more efficient than hand rodding and is labour saving.

  • Only one operator is required.

  • One water box cover only needs to be removed.

  • No tube damage, due to the flexible shaft and cleaning tools’ ability to negotiate tube ovalness caused by sagging and non linear manufacture of some condenser tube plates.

  • The ease and speed of tube cleaning with the ERW-1 allows the building owner to clean condenser tubes prior to peak load periods, ensuring optimum performance and affecting maximum power saving.

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