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Phosphor Bronze Tube Cleaners Phosphor Bronze Tube Cleaners
Phosphor Bronze Tube Cleaner
Benefits of the SOS Phosphor Bronze Tube Cleaner.

Rust free promoting longer life.

Inexpensive. Cost is low by comparison, considering the material used.

Robust. They will not break in normal use. They have been shot through a test rig tube over 100 times, hitting a steel plate 10 inches from the exit of the tube without breaking.

Blades can be rumbled to remove the very sharp die punch edge, but still remain sharp enough to remove corrosion pit scabs and pips, resulting in a smooth surface and extending the life of the tube.

Can be manufactured for use where tube inlet inserts are fitted and likewise the SOS Tube Cleaner can be manufactured to be more or less aggressive. While tubes are cleaned to maintain plant efficiency, some power plant owners require the tube oxide surface to remain intact.

The SOS PBTC was developed to satisfy the need of power plant owners of aged condensers. They require an efficient type of cleaner that would not damage the tubes, yet, clean better than rubber or plastic cleaners. Phosphor Bronze spring grade was selected being less than half as hard as spring steel.

Size Information


Tube gauge






1.102”/ 28mm

1.134”-1.166”/ 28.804mm-29.616




M26 1.024”/ 26mm

1.055”-1.069”/ 26.797mm-27.153mm


0.870”-0.902”/ 22.098mm-22.911mm

0.902”-0.939”/ 22.911mm-23.622mm



0.745”-0.777”/ 18.923mm-19.736

0.777”-0.805”/ 19.279mm-20.447

0.805”-0.819”/ 20.447mm-20.803mm


0.620”-0.652”/ 15.748mm-16.561mm

0.652”-0.680”/ 16.561mm-17.272mm



0.495”-0.527”/ 12.573mm-13.386mm




Part Number = PBTC-OD x Tube gauge

For selection of cleaner on border select left hand cleaner i.e. cleaner for 1”x18G = PBTC-1x16-18G.


PBTC-1x18G (tapered leg) for tubes with inserts fitted. ID of tube = 0.902”/ 22.911mm. Will fit through insert with ID of 20.00mm

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